Job Description


Assist all Humane Society customers in an efficient and professional manner, primarily those requiring assistance with intake of stray animals, owned animals, and those requiring temporary housing by HSPPR. The Admissions CSR will assist pet owners with animal identification and with the reclaim process. Work cohesively with all departments of the organization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Assist customers with intake of stray animals.
  2. Assess incoming owned animals for adoptability and assist pet owners with alternate resources for pet care when appropriate.
  3. Determine if an incoming owned animal will be taken in for euthanasia only and, if so, process euthanasia request accurately and without errors.
  4. Triage incoming animals and customers to determine what level of services (including veterinary medical services) they require and assist with alternate resources or process necessary HSPPR services accordingly.
  5. Directly kennel animals, providing food, water and other resources. Initiate priority care when needed.
  6. Process reclaims or surrender of animals impounded for court cases.
  7. Administer vaccines for, and appropriately document vaccination of, all incoming cats and dogs.
  8. Appropriately dispose of sharps medical waste (needles and syringes).
  9. On intake, photograph animals and attach the photo to a digital record.
  10. Take bite reports and advise customers of quarantine requirements. Submit bite information to the Bite Case Manager and to the Admissions Supervisor.
  11. Negotiate reclaim fees with owners who cannot fully pay fees. Set up payment plans, fee waivers, and use other programs when needed.
  12. Assist community partners (veterinarians, ER clinics, crematory) with animal receiving and/or disposition issues as needed.
  13. Assist customers with lost and found issues.
  14. Process rentals and returns of cat traps.
  15. Ask customers for monetary donations.
  16. Educate customers regarding animal shelter dynamics, animal overpopulation, adoption criteria, and euthanasia.
  17. Remain calm and courteous to customers, volunteers, and co-workers at all times.
  18. Provide humane care to all animals entering or housed in the facility.
  19. Maintain professionalism (attendance, punctuality, dress, actions, speech) in all internal and external interactions.
  20. Provide accurate information and friendly service to the public.
  21. Collect all fees and give correct change.
  22. Accept in-kind donations of food and/or supplies and ensure that they are properly distributed for use or stored.
  23. Regularly review supply levels. Notify a supervisor if supplies are getting low.
  24. Keep customer service area clean and uncluttered.
  25. Process dog and cat licenses.
  26. Provide medications (with instructions) to customer reclaiming or adopting sick or injured animals and direct them to veterinary care.
  27. Do “lock up” procedures in the evening to ensure all entrances are locked, kennel light are turned off.
  28. Report any problems with customers that you feel cannot be adequately handled to the Admissions Supervisor, Adoptions Supervisor, or Customer Service Manager.
  29. Close out the cash box and financials at the end of the day as needed.
  30. Provide compassionate care and services for customers in various emotional states. Provide grief counseling resources as needed.
  31. Other duties as assigned.

Important Notes

Who Are We?  The first of only two AAHA accredited shelters in Colorado!

Employment at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region - Colorado

HSPPR is a nonprofit animal shelter serving El Paso, Pueblo, and Douglas Counties as well as the City of Centennial.  We employ a total of 190+ employees.  We are an organization that celebrates and prioritizes diversity and inclusion. Employees must be 18 years of age, a drug test and background check are mandatory for employment.  In addition to competitive salaries, we offer comprehensive benefits to our full-time staff. These include:     

Health Insurance     401K with employer matching up to 4% of salary      Dental and vision* Insurances     Supplemental Group Insurance*     Short and long term disability Insurance      Paid time off      Holidays      Direct Deposit          (*) Employee pays full premium

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is a Public Service Loan Forgiveness qualified employer.  To learn more about this program, go to

The core values of the staff unite and guide us to provide the best service to the animals in our care, our organization and our community. 

HSPPR Operating Values: 

  • Compassion:We believe that kindness and respect toward animals is an essential element in building a more humane and civil society.  We work to elevate empathy and behavior in order to prevent animal cruelty, exploitation, and neglect. 
  • Stewardship:We will responsibly manage expenses and revenue, acting for the long-term greater good of the organization, conserving our resources and preserving our environment. 
  • Integrity:We encourage honest dialogue about issues and solutions.  We are willing to explore all options and listen to all perspectives to arrive at the best decisions.  We take responsibility for our behavior –every action counts.   
  • Excellence:We make a difference every day.  We are committed to the safety and protection of people and animals.  We foster a learning environment, encourage new ideas, and care enough to provide constructive feedback. 
  • Collaboration:We are united in the pursuit of our mission.  We will be known as an organization that is inclusive, fair, and transparent. We expand and develop partnerships to further our mission.