Job Description

Full Time - Evening Shift - Pueblo, CO

Job Summary:

Corporals perform the most difficult Animal Law Enforcement tasks that typically involve a variety of advanced investigative and technical enforcement activities.  Inspire and encourage the men and women on their team to excel in daily tasks and stimulate teamwork to get things done in a manner that is consistent with the organizational mission, vision and values.  Corporals supervise, train, instruct, advise, and support junior team members to effectively and efficiently complete assigned tasks.   

Serve as a leader on the patrol shift by providing guidance, motivation, coaching, mentoring, and assistance as needed or required by other ALE members.  Acts as the Shift Supervisor when the Sergeant is not available.  Incumbents may help develop schedules and assign tasks as empowered by the Sergeant.  Corporals will conduct and/or assist with disciplinary issues.  Evaluates the performance of employees on a daily basis and during performance review processes.   

A Corporal assigned to any specialized division performs the specific duties of these divisions.  In addition, a Corporal assigned to any one of these specialized divisions provides knowledge, expertise, and experience which are unique to day-to-day operations of the unit as well as unusual situations which may occur in the course of the enforcement operations.   


Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

Employee Performance Management and Supervision 

  • Leads by example—expertly completes all aspects of daily tasks  
  • Train, instruct, advise, and support junior team members to effectively and efficiently complete daily tasks 
  • Provides guidance, motivation, coaching, mentoring, and assistance as needed or required by other Animal Law Enforcement members 
  • May help develop schedules and assigns tasks as empowered by the Sergeants 
  • Provides feedback and assists Sergeants in the evaluation of employee performance 


  • Monitors and ensures that high-quality standards of animal care, handling, and sanitation in the field are consistent with protocols at all times. 
  • Monitors the maintenance, cleanliness, and sanitation of equipment and vehicles. 


  • Communicates with staff in timely manner. 
  • Assures that enforcement reflects the mission of HSPPR, ordinances are enforced consistently, resulting in positive community relations, humane education, and voluntary compliance for animal ordinances. 
  • Provides recommendations to Sergeants on procedural changes for the department. 


  • Becomes familiar with the general aspects of budget management and provides input as requested 
  • May develop lists for needed equipment and or training 
  • Assists with maintenance and inventory of ALE supplies and equipment.   


  • Works diligently to maintain professional relationships with all members of ALE 
  • Inspires and encourage the men and women on their team to excel in daily tasks and stimulate teamwork to get things done in a manner that is consistent with the organizational mission, vision and values.   


  • Ensures the health and safety for the people and animals of the geographical area assigned 
  • Follow all safety guidelines to ensure a safe work environment 
  • Take immediate action to address any safety concern or noncompliance of safety rules that could put an employee, volunteer, client, animal, or the organization at risk. 

Customer Service  

  • Represents the ALE/HSPPR in a professional and courteous manner at all times 
  • Ensure quality service is provided to both people and animal clients by departmental personnel. 
  • Assist staff in situations requiring immediate problem solving 
  • Promote good public relations in accordance with HSPPR practices;  
  • Support staff and volunteers; provide quality services to clients, volunteers, and employees recognizing their individual contributions to the success of our organization.  


  • Commitment to the mission, values, goals, and success of HSPPR. 
  • Perform all other duties as assigned.  

Supervisory Duties:  

Setting an example of leadership is challenging because the supervisor must take on a different role within the organization. A supervisor carries a notion of moral authority into his or her work environment. This stems from the ability of the Corporal to exhibit the values of the organization every minute of every day both on and off duty. They have an obligation to inspire and encourage the men and women under their command to complete the mission of the organization in a manner that is consistent with the vision and values of the Animal Law Enforcement Department. Good leadership is built upon an ability to comprehend the complexity of the organization and formulate a strategy to make it successful. Leaders need to be thinkers and innovators and must be people who can get things done and stimulate teamwork among the subordinates.  

Corporals are responsible for supervising Animal Law Enforcement Officers, Trainees, and the Administration Unit who carry out the day-to-day operations of ALE.  Each Corporal will be assigned specific supervisory responsibilities.  These responsibilities will include supervision of Direct Reports and duties as Watch or Assistant Watch Commander. 

The Sergeant will be responsible for all aspects of performance for their Direct Reports.  This will include ensuring Direct Reports: 

  • Properly trained and equipped  
  • Comply with all policies and procedures 
  • Provided regular feedback regarding performance 
  • Take timely action to recognize outstanding performance 
  • Take corrective measures and document all coaching, training, or disciplinary actions 
  • Complete all Performance Appraisals in a timely manner and provide regular Feedback for all employees  

Corporals will also be assigned as the Watch or Assistant Watch Commander by the Lieutenant or Sergeants.  When assigned in this capacity the Corporal will: 

  • Be directly responsible for the performance of all Animal Law Enforcement Officers assigned to provide patrol activities during the assigned tour of duty.   
  • Ensure they monitor radio traffic, daily workload, and performance of all assigned personnel.   
  • Review daily activities of all assigned personnel, ensures that correct follow-up action is taken, and public safety, health, and welfare of animals is protected at all times.   
  • Identify any discrepancies or outstanding performance of personnel assigned to his/her tour of duty and document and disseminate this information to all supervisors in the assigned geographical area  

Corporals are assistants to the Sergeant and may act as the Sergeant during his/her absence or during vacancies  



  • Is visible and available to staff  
  • Communicates with Sergeants on developments within the department 
  • Ensures that line staff understand and implement supervisors' directions 

Organizational Development 

  • Ensures that policies and procedures are being followed.  
  • Develops new ideas with staff.  
  • Develops and follows timelines for annual plans and projects  
  • Supports management and discusses differences privately. 


  • Encourages the use of volunteers, the solicitation of monetary and in-kind donations whenever possible. 


  • Is flexible with scheduling and is available when away from the facility as needed to meet the needs of the organization. 


Work cooperatively with all volunteers and recognize the talent and commitment they bring to HSPPR.  

Material and Equipment Directly Used: 

  • Knowledge and ability to use and teach the effective operation of all equipment used by the department. 
  • Knowledge and ability to effectively operate computer software. 

Skills / Requirements

Education/Experience Necessary: 

Candidates for corporal have demonstrated the skills and abilities to take on additional responsibilities. 

Comprehensive knowledge of the laws, rules, regulations, and Standard Operating Procedures of Animal Law Enforcement; comprehensive knowledge of communications; through knowledge of the geography of the area assigned; demonstrated ability to lead; demonstrated ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other employees of the organization and general public; ability to evaluate the effectiveness of the operation and institute improvements; ability to prepare and review reports. 


  • Minimum 1 year of animal care and control field experience; may substitute an associate or higher degree for minimum experience 
  • Consistently rated as exceeds standards or above on performance evaluations 
  • No formal disciplinary action for the one year time period preceding application 
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture Bureau of Animal Protection State Agent; 
  • Successfully completed Colorado Association of Animal Control Officers certification test; 
  • Strong interpersonal and supervisory skills, ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with customers, employees and citizens; 
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills, ability to develop written protocol, ability to work with numbers and compile statistics; 
  • Ability to prioritize and coordinate work assignments, work in multi-task environment; 
  • Ability to direct, train, and evaluate employees work performance; 
  • Exercises good judgment when dealing with the public, employee issues, and animal-related concerns; 
  • Able to exercise discretion when dealing with confidential information; 
  • Excellent computer skills and familiarity with Word, PowerPoint, and Excel software; 
  • Continually meets requirements of an Animal Law Enforcement Officer; 
  • Organized, shows initiative, and is a conscientious worker;  
  • Able to exercise discretion when dealing with confidential information 

Important Notes

Who Are We?  The first of only two AAHA accredited shelters in Colorado!

Employment at the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region - Colorado

HSPPR is a nonprofit animal shelter serving El Paso, Pueblo, and Douglas Counties as well as the City of Centennial.  We employ a total of 200+ employees.  We are an organization that celebrates and prioritizes diversity and inclusion. A drug test and background check are mandatory for employment. 

In addition to competitive salaries, we offer comprehensive benefits to our full-time staff.


Benefits include:     

Health Insurance ~~ 401K with employer matching up to 4% of salary  ~~ Dental and vision* Insurances  ~~ Supplemental Group Insurance*  ~~  Short and long term disability Insurance  ~~  Paid time off  ~~  Holidays  ~~  Direct Deposit  ~~  Personal Pet Perks

(*) Employee pays the full premium


 The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is a Public Service Loan Forgiveness qualified employer.  To learn more about this program, go to


The core values of the staff unite us and guide us to provide the best service to the animals in our care, our organization, and our community. 


Core Values Statements-

  • Compassion: We believe that animals matter. We are committed to treating animals and people with kindness, respect and compassion.
  • Stewardship: We are accountable and transparent in our actions and in the use of our resources to build trust in those we serve.
  • Integrity: We believe we can make the greatest impact by staying true to our mission, always doing what is best for the animals and people of our community, and by standing united in our decisions.
  • Excellence: We are passionate about our mission, and strive for excellence through continual learning, innovation and the development of our board, staff and volunteers.
  • Collaboration: We seek strategic partnerships and alliances to advance the welfare and protection of animals and people.
  • Service: We exist to serve our communities and operate with this commitment to serve as front and center in all we do.